Charms created from Your Photos and Designs

Turn your personal photo into a true, 3D charm. Create that personal, lasting memory. You'll cherish the likeness & quality of this memorable piece of jewelry. Each charm is hand-crafted and molded to ensure a flawless rendition of your photo in solid gold or silver.

Ordering your personal charm is easy and secure. Just choose your style of charm and then send us a photo (upload one now). It's that simple.

Backed with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction. Choose a charm size, grab a photo of the favorite face, and then personalize your charm with a matching bracelet, chain or lapel pin; and throw in some bling like birthstones!

Receive your personal charm or upload a photo for a free preview!

Original 3D Photo Charms
Create that lasting memory. Family, Friends, or even Pets. Children, Pets, Family, Friends or Lovers. What better way to send a charm of your appreciation! Makes the perfect gift. And a timeless piece to remember that someone special.

Don't have that "just right" photo yet? You can provide us with a photo at a later date, sending it by email or regular mail.

It makes the perfect gift and a timeless piece to remember that someone special. Individually crafted in sterling silver or 14K yellow or white gold. Available in "Original" or "Junior" sizes.
Charm Your Pet
Pet Charms are the personal piece of jewelry that can be worn everday and are available in gold or silver, and two sizes. The only way to share the love of a pet, and to display the bond between your friend and your favorite friend.

Capture your pet's character with their image transformed into a 3D photo charm. Wear it everywhere!

You'll cherish this authentic piece of fine jewelry. Pet charms are made by creating a 3-D image from a photo, that is carved in wax, and used to create solid silver or gold relief pendants. Relief jewelry provides an unsurpassed likeness of the original photos, unlike etching or photo pieces.

Ordering your personal charm is easy and secure. Just choose the style of charm and submit a photo. Every pendant is individually hand-crafted and backed by our guarantee of satisfaction.

Place your order today!
Medallions & Accessories
Personalize the charms and jewelry with a special message engraved on the reverse, or add a matching chain or bracelet. Consider a Tag, medallion or duet charm. Make it truly personal with all the options imaginable.

Give a charm - no photo required. Gift certificates are the ideal "present" and very useful to purchase when you don't have "their" photo to create the charm.

Each gift certificate allows the recipient to use their own photo to create their own charm. Gift Cards are available in dollar denominations and also priced per charm type. And can be delivered to your giftee instantly through email, or by regular mail.



"Thank you so much or the beautiful job that you did on Gracie's pendant. It came out better than I even imagined that it could. Can't wait until Monday when I can show it off. We will recommend you to all our friends."   
Sherryl , St. Louis, MO

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