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How Your Charm Is Made

No Stamping, No Engraving - Only 100 Percent Solid Cast Charms!

The image of the face, in your favorite photograph is digitally traced to create a 3-D bitmap image.
- For best results, we recommend a well focused image with even lighting and no harsh shadows.
- Damaged images or photos where the subject's face is obstructed cannot be used in our process.
- We prefer your image in digital format at 300dpi, or we can scan a traditional print.
- Traditional photos will be returned, enclosed within your order to the delivery address.

A high-tech milling machine carves the charm in wax.
- At this point the charm looks very much like the finished product but it is in wax.
- The wax charm is used during the next phase of the process; casting the charm in the precious metal of your choice.

This three dimensional wax model is used to create a casting of your Baby Faces charm.
- The wax charm gets embedded into a cast and exposed to a heat source.
- During this process the wax burns away, leaving a hollow mold for your charm.
- Your charm is then cast in your choice of yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver.

Finally, the charm gets some finishing touches.
- Each charm is inspected for irregularities from the casting process.
- After a short tumble and brief sandblasting to increase the contrast, we perform a final polishing.
- The finished product is then packaged up and sent on its way to you.
- We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



"Thank you so much or the beautiful job that you did on Gracie's pendant. It came out better than I even imagined that it could. This charm helps us to remember, in such a positive way. We will recommend you to all our friends."   
Sherryl , St. Louis, MO

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